Friday, 18 March 2011

lapse No.2

As a photo-based artist, I see myself as the link between two realities—the one outside
of the camera and the one that begins once the photograph has been taken. Rather than documenting or ‘capturing the moment,’ I want to show what is not immediately visible.

Sebastian Lemm

Flora Abstracts

Flora Abstracts: This project is aiming to explore an area where graphics and photography overlap.

This is part of an emerging body of work that is a departure from a more conventional photographic approach ignoring form and surface in preference for exploring colour and time. The intention is to abstract very traditional subject matter leaving subtle clues to it's origin.

Photographer: Giles Revell

Thursday, 17 March 2011

John Goto

There are some very interesting work by John Goto who using digital media in innovative ways - well worth exploring his site

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Photography Department Website

We are trialing a website for the department - feedback appreciated!

Find it here

Monday, 14 March 2011

Digital Planet

There are some great articles broadcast on the BBC Digital Planet

My Digital Life

Ten years ago there was no Facebook or Twitter. Fifteen years ago broadband access to the internet in your home was an unimaginable luxury. Just twenty years ago you still had to buy your books, music and feature films from a high street shop. The digital revolution might still be young, but it has arguably brought about the biggest change in our lifestyles in the last two hundred years.

Where did it all begin? How does it work? Where is it going? These are just some of the questions you could ask.

Consider the following:
  • the ownership of data
  • how the World Wide Web works
  • the privacy and security of personal data
  • online identity in virtual worlds
  • how online businesses survive (or not)
  • and many more aspects of living in the digital world of today
An extract from the OU course 'My Digital Life' that may pose some useful questions.

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