Monday, 24 January 2011

A Brief History of Communication by Kristofer Strom

Saw it and thought I do like the sketched animation look. always draws my attention. A Brief History of Communication, the new ad for The Carphone Warehouse, is a charming stop motion animation by Kristofer Strom, the Swedish artist behind You Tube hit Minilogue (equally as creatively brilliant).

There is a wonderful sequence of the development of the phone from the circular dial, to seperate buttons and then a quaint cultural script of the old 'brick' mobile phones. Then its decrease in size sequenced wonderfully in a clockwise twist from phone, to Ipod/Mp3, to mouse (with quirky/surreal ear phones as its wire) & to RSS symbol (blogging/feeds).

Still with more shifting directions/perspectives it continues fast and sharp until back to mobile with GPS mapping technology into a laptop finishing with the future technology of flying engine subtly anchoring that Chitty Bang Bang idea of flying automobiles.

If it was stop motion, there must have been a thousand photos, but it was worth every last one.

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